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Interesting fact

Vatican City has a population of just over 800. Your facebook page has somewhat less fans than this. Get more fans to reveal more interesting numbers and facts. :)

Page infographics

  • 2x
    VDL Futura 2 coach bus 57 People

    VDL Futura 2 was voted Coach of the year 2012. by journalists from 19 European countries. If you decided to put ALL your Facebook fans in VDL Futura coach bus airliners you would need 3 of them. If you parked all of them one behind another they would make a line 42 meters long.

  • 9x
    Car 5 People

    If you put ALL of your Facebook fans in cars you would need a total of 32 cars. That is 128 car tires. Whoa!

  • 1x
    Bicycle 1 Person

    If you put ALL of your Facebook fans on bicycles you would need 160 bicycles. That is 320 bike tires. Whoa!

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